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1. If money were no object, what would I do all day?

Would you write, teach scuba diving, give dating advice? Work that you would do for free strongly implies what activities you enjoy most and what probably comes pretty easily to you.


2. If I could be anyone for a week, who would it be?

Who we admire is a huge indicator of who we secretly would like to become. Review who you obsess over, it’s a bright, shining clue.


3. What conversation topic can I get lost in for hours?

Real estate, investing, travel, animals, cars, fashion, fitness? Your most dominant chat topics are a vital sign of what excites you.


4. If I walk into a bookstore, which section am I drawn to?

This also applies to an online search or even your preference for websites and blogs. What types of information do you most love to consume? What sites have your bookmarked? Which types of writers sit on your bookshelf?


5. Who do I love to spend time with and why?

Do you like analytical thinkers, creative people, entrepreneurs, artists? Often we are drawn to people like us. Who are your preferred friends – the ones who most energise you?

彭蒙惠老师说‘positive person’,我也很想啊,可惜自己是“半杯空”型,志同道合的也只能是‘negative person’.

6. If you asked my partner/mother/best friend what I’m best at doing, what would they say?

Would there be a common thread throughout the answers? Are you a great motivator? An incredible listener? An organiser? A storyteller? A go-getter in business? An explorer? Let people who you love and trust tell you who you are. It’s an eye-opening and fun experiment – and a confidence boost.


7. Who was I as a kid?

Let your inner child  resurface in your thoughts. Look at a childhood photo of yourself. If you were true to this person, what would you be doing to make sure you don’t let him or her down?


8. What do people come to me for?

Resume advice, helping to fix things at home, interior design tips? This can point you toward the gifts and talents that you might not recognise in yourself.


9. What do I feel least insecure about?

We are inordinately hard on ourselves. We’re quick to point out our flaws and have a much harder time recognising our skills. Allow yourself to remember past accomplishments or times where you’ve really helped others. Let the parts of you that you might secretly feel proud of truly shine.


10. What’s pure and simple fun for me?

What do you love to do that you are really good at and can be paid for?


11. If I had to write a book, what would it be about?

Don’t panic – you don’t have to write one! But if you did, what might it be about? I love asking people this random question. I hear so many answers from sailing to writing vegan recipes to helping people with PTSD heal through music.






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