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Foodie – Burger

Bread: pop a celery stick in the bag. It absorbs moisture from the celery and stays soft.

Cakes: secure a slice of bread to the cut side with some toothpicks.

Celery: give it a good wash and wrap in aluminium foil – it will last up to six weeks.

Cheese: buy cheddar in bulk, grate the lot and freeze in small zip lock bags.

Bananas: wrap the end in plastic wrap to prevent them ripening too quickly.


  1. Beef mince that is 20 per cent fat makes the best burgers. Separate the mince into 125g portions, and flavour with two teaspoons of chilli sauce, half a teaspoon of the cruelly underrated Worcester sauce, and as much garlic powder as you can.
  2. Then heat a grill pan until it is so hot that steam rises from the grooves. Drop in the burger patty, cut a sesame-seed bun in half, squirt ketchup over the top bit and add a slice of gherkin and a spoonful of piccalilli. After about three minutes, flip the burger and put the bun under the griller, including the sauces and pickle. This way, the condiments do not unduly cool down the patty.
  3. Let the burger stand for a minute before placing it carefully between the lid and base of the bun.


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