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当地人常问的一个话题是帮忙推荐中国的风景点,以下是The Age设计的一条路线,看上去很适合外国人的口味,长城三峡熊猫兵马俑一个都不少,再说好几任美国总统都已身体力行。




Day 1: Fly to Beijing
Fly to Beijing, China’s capital city. On arrival, transfer to your hotel.
Day 2: Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven
Stroll through Tiananmen Square, past Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum and into the imperial magnificence of the Forbidden City. Here you will explore the largest and best-preserved collection of ancient buildings in China.
Continue to the Temple of Heaven, a tranquil space in the heart of the city that perfectly illustrates the harmony of Confucian design. Admire the symmetrical beauty of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests and discover more about the ritual worship performed here. //北京的公园里我最喜欢的是天坛和北海。
Day 3: Great Wall of China at Mutianyu
Walk on the Great Wall to appreciate 2,000 years of historical significance whilst admiring the panoramic views. The Great Wall is China’s most iconic attraction, which stretches over 4,000 miles from the Yellow Sea on the east coast to the Gobi Desert in the west.You will visit Mutianyu, one of the best-preserved sections of the wall, providing a glimpse of how the structure would have looked when it was first built to keep out the Mongol hordes. Reached by a short cable car ride, the views from the top over the surrounding mountains are awe-inspiring. Our evening meal includes the delicious local delicacy, Peking Duck.
Day 4: Silk Markets & 798 Art District
Spend today exploring two places in Beijing; the Silk Markets, a shopper’s paradise where you will find everything from fashion, to jewellery, electronics and of course silk items! Continue onto the 798 Art District, otherwise known as Dashanzi. This unique district has been transformed from an industrial area into an urban and edgy hotspot filled with galleries, museums and art exhibitions. Later, you will have a photo opportunity at some of the sites of the 2008 Olympic Games.
Day 5: Fly to Xian
Fly to Xian, the former ancient capital and visit the beautifully preserved 14th century city walls that enclose Xian’s old town.
Day 6: Terracotta Warriors with Archaeologist
Visit one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century – the Terracotta Warriors. The figures were created over 2,000 years ago to accompany Emperor Qin Shi Huang into the afterlife.
Return to Xian and walk through the atmospheric alleys of the Muslim Quarter. In the evening, enjoy a traditional Shui Jiao dumpling meal followed by a performance of Tang Dynasty dancing.
Day 7: Fly to Guilin
Spend your morning at leisure before transferring to the airport for your flight to Guilin, a city at the heart of spectacular karst formations of the Li River valley.
Day 8: Li River Cruise
Embark on a leisurely cruise through the poetic landscapes of the Li River, winding between towering limestone karst peaks and sleepy countryside. Look out for weathered farmers tending their fields, fishermen angling for their daily catch and water buffalo wallowing in the shallows, all watched over by the dramatic geology for which Yangshuo is famed. On arrival in Yangshuo, take some time to explore before driving through the countryside back to Guilin.

Day 9: Panda House & embark your Yangtze River cruise
Transfer to Guilin airport for your flight to Chongqing. You will have the opportunity to visit two  places: the Panda House at Chongqing Zoo to see China’s celebrated icon up close – you may even be lucky enough to see the twin pandas who recently made their debut. Afterwards explore the vibrant streets of the Old Town of Ciqikou before enjoying dinner. Board your Yangtze River Cruise ship.
Day 10: Fengdu Ghost City & Captain’s Reception
Visit the impressive wooden Pagoda of Shibaozhai or the Ghost City of Fengdu. In the afternoon enjoy a reception with the captain and the cruise director and learn about life on the river.
Day 11: Three Gorges & Goddess Stream
Enter the dramatic Three Gorges, passing through Qutang,Wu and Xiling Gorges. Later transfer to a smaller vessel for a side trip along the Goddess or Shennong Stream, both narrow, cliff-lined tributaries of the Yangtze. In the evening, sail through the Three Gorges Dam ship locks.
Day 12: Three Gorges Dam
Visit the Three Gorges Dam, one of the largest engineering projects in the world. Disembark the cruise ship, drive to Wuhan and fly to Shanghai.
Day 13: Shanghai & French Concession
Spend the day wandering through the tree-lined streets of Shanghai’s French Concession, and the antiquities of the Shanghai Museum.
Day 14: Explore Shanghai
Visit the Yu Garden, a classical example of Chinese horticulture, before strolling through Shanghai’s old town. Walk along the Bund, learn about the fascinating history of the area and admire the Art Deco buildings.
This evening, embark on a panoramic Huangpu River cruise viewing the spectacular lights of Shanghai.
Day 15-16: Shanghai to Australia
Fly overnight to Sydney/Melbourne, arriving home the following day.



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