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  • For security reason please enter the following number using your touch-tone pad.
  • Please press 1 as a home user, and 2 if you are a business customer with a volume license agreement.
    === 按1 ===
  • If you try to activate windows 10 Press 1, otherwise press 2.
    Win 10系统请按1,其他请按2
    === 我按了2,尽管我买不起苹果用不来Unix, 据说按1会听很多广告 ===
  • To proceed you need installation ID that several blocks with six or seven digits, and it displayed in the activation window on your screen. Press 1 if you have the installation ID available, if not, press 2.
    === 按1。没有激活号码还打这电话干么? ===
  • To activate Microsoft products windows or office windows press 1, to activate Office for Mac Apple PC, press 2
    windows office软件的请按1,苹果office请按2
    === 同理,请按2===
  • In this stage robot Speaker will ask your 9 group of  Installation ID dial one by one
  • On how many computer is your product currently installed?
    === 请按1===
  •  You will get Confirmation ID just type the ID in the activation wizard confirmation ID section.
  • If you wish to hear your entire confirmation ID again, press 1




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