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  • There’s a time to work and a time to play. Know the difference. When the harness goes on, it’s time to work. Work hard; others are depending on you.
  • Focus in and use all of your senses. learn to tell the difference between a harmless thunderstorm and a true emergency. Don’t let your sight get in the way of your vision.
  • Sometimes the way is hard, but if you work together, someone will pass along a water bottle just when you need it.
  • Ignore distractions. There’s more to life than playing or chasing.
  • Listen carefully to those who are wiser and more experienced than you. They’ll help you find the way.
  • Don’t stop until work is over. Sometimes being a hero is just doing your job.
  • The dust cloud won’t last forever. Keep going and look for the way out. It will come.
  • Shake off the dust and move on.
  • When work is over, play hard with your friends.


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