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I am so thankful I have been with you.

Tania 2 months before dying

I’m trying to find a bit of normality in my life. Unfortunately, it’s jumped the fence, and now I have to mourn the joy of being normal, of not being cancer. People talk about fighting; being positive and I think it’s a delusion. I didn’t want to die for another thirty years, but I have to accept that I am and do that with some dignity. The hardest part is the kids because they don’t get it yet, so I have to work on that now. Tania 2 months before dying

Luisa 1 month before dying

It’s just like you fall asleep and then you don’t wake up and you are at peace. To die means you have another life coming through and I’ll be a different person. But I’m not scared. For me, sometimes, I have to tell you frankly, I’m very tired; I want to close my eyes. I want to come back and do the things that I did before because I have no regrets in my life. God doesn’t punish us. It happens for a reason. Luisa 1 months before dying

Cherie 2 months before dying

I want to die in country. Go home to where I was born in Yorta Yorta country. That’s my wish. I dream of being with my mum and my husband. I dream of such beauty. I dream of my daughter and what it’s going to be like when I’m gone. When I dream they’re so real that I can feel and see. I can feel my husband’s presence around the house all the time and I dream that I’ll be at peace. Cherie 2 months before dying

Ken 6 months before dying

We were born. We have a life to live and that’s been going on for five million years. That’s not going to change. What else do we know other than what we’ve experienced. If we do have an afterlife, I don’t imagine we’d live forever. We’re just animals; people won’t accept that. A good death for me would be for me to go to bed one night and not wake up. That would be worth a billion dollars. Ken 6 months before dying

Bruce 7 months before dying

If there’s a place for everybody, I’d like to think I’d rejoin up with my wife. Christian life suggests that some people go to heaven’ some people go to hell. That seems pretty rugged. But I’d like to think we would be in communication again; perhaps another life where we live in heaven or hell. I don’t really know. I don’t want to linger. I’ve had a fortunate life. It’s only transient. I hope I meet up with my wife in the next one. Bruce 7 months before dying

Rica 4 months before dying

I hope that’s it’s a better life than we have here now. My brother, a couple of days after he died…I saw him and I’m sure it was not a dream. There was a big staircase. There was my brother and he had a veil over him and as he came down the veil lifted and he said, “Hi Ric. You weren’t with us when I left so i come to say goodbye now.” and straight away he was gone. I was there. I wasn’t dreaming.
Rica 4 months before dying


Well, I’m not worried at all because the bible says that “You’re in sleep.” So I’m not worried about death and as I said to Jehovah, “Whichever way it goes, I’m in your care.” So I’ve got no qualms. I’m perfectly safe and calm. I’m going to live as long as I can. Because I have the bible to lean on, I feel confident; i don’t feel frightened in any way. And I’ve gotta go one way or another. Joyce

Michael 2 months before dying

There’s no religion. We’re created by nature. You can’t convince me. That’s where I stop. If I had a choice, maybe I plan something to come back after six months. Maybe you can be better there, but you tell me how you can forget your wife and family? They’re a part of me. Sometimes I dream I’m flying. I love it but now I can’t do it. Michael 2 months before dying



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