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Netiquette tips

If your phone rings and you are with someone, you say, ‘Do you mind if I answer this?’ The person you are with should always take precedence over the phone.

The more you respond quickly, the more people will expect that from you. If you can, you respond that business day.

Meetings should only last 45 minutes, giving people 15 minutes to check messages and emails.

Families should have no-phone zones, with the dining room table off limits. This can also include setting a time of the day when the internet is off limits.

Consider where you are. Ask yourself, ‘ Is this appropriate and if the shoe was on the other foot – if it was your funeral, or you in a bus accident – would you be happy for people to be filming you?’ Not everything needs to be recorded.

Don’t record yourself on a selfie stick walking around. That’s obnoxious, please.

Parents need to teach their children not to use a phone while walking down the street, while having dinner, using the rest rooms and, importantly, on public transport: ‘ It so blatantly that I don’t care about any of you, it suits me right now.’ It just reeks of being completely self-absorbed and obnoxious.





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