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You are who you follow

How you use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook reveals a shedload about who you are. Do you troll? Do you post with malicious intent to provoke maximum FOMO?

Do you selfiie in the firm belief that what the world needs most right now is more pictures of your head? And if you selfie, do you Photoshop those selfies using Facetune, an app custom-designed for the purpose?

Do you lurk – skulk, quietly, on all available channels, monitoring the posts and status updates of others, while never risking any yourself; watching, absorbing, judging – but never tweeting? Or do you “stalk” – do you follow certain people (almost always former or prospective lovers) down the online rabbit hole of social – networking and dating sites, speculating wildly over he true nature of their relationship with that one person they keep retweeting, the one they’re standing next to in that Facebook picture, the one whose jumper they’re apparently wearing in that other Facebook picture?

It all paints a dark picture of the raddled nature of your should, my friend; the ever evolving subtext of How we tweet now is probably a postgrad course somewhere, and if it isn’t it should be. Though you could also argue that nothing gives a clearer picture of the Real You than the list of people you follow online. The people whose world views, opinions, photographs and wit you invite into your heart – or, at least, on to your timeline. Our list of online follows in the modern equivalent of bookshelves/music collections; it reveals more about our subconscious than five years of therapy ever could. You are who you follow.



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