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iPad tips

鉴于我对iPad的知识仅限于看看新闻收发邮件,上周去了图书馆借了本iPad 101。这本书并不是最新版,所以有些设置已经改变,不过万变不如其中,作为入门教材,它还是蛮详细的。




开头准备使用作者大力推荐的BBC news,看了Review,说带有太多的广告不断地打扰便果断放弃,新闻哪里都可以看到,twitter、flipboard等等。

iTunes U看上去不错,已经选择了几门课程,有时间再探索。

现在通过iCloud.com 可以在线编辑Pages等文件,对我这类习惯于在大键盘上噼里啪啦输入字符又没有Apple笔记本的,是一种惊喜。


To type numbers and some symbols, press one of the number keys located on either side of the spacebar.

If you type a number in the number/symbol keyboard and then tap the spacebar, the keyboard automatically returns to the letter keyboard.

Double-tap the Shift key to turn the Caps Lock feature on; tap the Shift key once to turn it off (You can control whether this feature is available in General Settings under Keyboard.) To capitalize a letter, tap the Shift key at the same time that you tap the letter.

To type a variation on a symbol (e.g. to get alternate currency symbols when you hold down the dollar sign on the number keyboard, alphabetic N, !), press the key and hold it until a set of alternate symbols appears.

To type a period and space, just double-tap the spacebar

Multitasking Gestures

  • Swipe up with four or five fingers on any Home screen to reveal the multitasking bar.
  • Swipe down with four or five fingers to remove the multitasking bar from the Home screen.

Put two fingers together on the screen and swipe outward to enlarge the view.

To return to the top of the web page, put your finger on the screen and drag downward, or tap the Status bar at the top of the screen.

To delete Reading list /Bookmarks folder; tap the bookmark icon, in the edit mode to delete them

If your iPad is lost or stolen, you can go to http://iCloud.com and enter your ID and password. (Setting pane/iCloud, tap the On/Off button for Find My iPad to turn the feature on)

With a book open, press your finger on a word and hold it until the toolbar appears, then tap the Dictionary button, tap the definition and scroll down to view more.)

Check out some sites such as http://iPadgames.org for cool downloadable, free iPad games.

Double-tap with a single finger to zoom in; double-tap with two fingers to zoom out

Select a table by tapping it once; the location of your tap is important (Numbers):

  • If you tap in a cell, the table and that cell are selected.
  • If you tape inside the table bounds but outside the cells, the table itself is selected. For example, if you tap the table’s title or the blank space to the left or right of the title, the table itself is selected.

Notes names your note using the first line of text that you enter. If you want to change the name of a note, display that note, tap at the beginning of first line of text, enter a new title, and tap Return.

Notes are stored with the most recently created or modified notes at the top of the Notes List. Older notes fall toward the bottom of the list.

If you’re on the road and change time zones, iPad may not recognize the local time. To avoid this problem, you can adjust the time of your iPad manually by using the Date & Time feature in the General category in Settings.

From any screen, tap the black status bar on top and drag down to display Notification Center.

Adding contacts, to add an information field such as Nickname, tap Add Field.

Sharing contacts (.vcf)

After update system, iPad couldn’t access to the server, you can reset the Wi-Fi to solve the problem.

To access and use spotlight, press and drag from the top to bottom on the Home screen.



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