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Face the fonts

Typewriter: You dream of opening a restaurant with taxidermy moose heads on the walls, like that one you went to in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. You cycle everywhere. you and your bearded hubby write each other cute emails in your in-joke fonts.
Georgia/Baskerville: Keen to stand out from the crowd, you swing between Georgia and Baskerville. you work in publishing, and are nostalgic for a pre-internet world when people did not expect an instant answer to emails. Which doesn’t stop you tweeting. A lot.
Calibri: You are female, in your twenties and are keen to come over as friendly but assertive. You work in PR or marketing. for non-work purposes(e-vites to friends’ hen parties), you have a soft spot for italics and colour.
Helvetica: You’re a severe graphic designer or architect. You can spot Helvetica at 100 paces and divide people into those who understand typography and those who don’t.
Time New Roman: You’d say you’re above all that arty font nonsense, but the truth is, you aren’t particularly visual. You have a suit sort of job.
Comic Sans: You either live in a bubble of play-date e-vites, or you’re ever-so ironic.

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