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Love bridge

I am in absolute awe of the amazing “love bridge” in Southbank.

It is an absolutely perfect place for amazing photography and sightseeing.

I love how the city of Melbourne is able to have its own little taste of Paris.

The locks represent love, faith and promise in the city and the chime of them swinging in the winter wind brightens up your day.

The ‘Love bridge ‘ case is men crossing the shaky-bridge were approached by an attractive woman who asked them to fill out a survey. After the men filled out the survey the woman gave them her number and said they could call her if they wanted to know the result of the study. Another group of men crossing another bridge was also being approached by a female researcher half-way across. The difference was that this bridge was sturdy, did not sway and was only a few feet above a small stream. One of the key tests was: how many people would call up the attractive woman? On the stable, safe bridge only 2 out of the 16 participants called. But, on the rickety bridge, half of them called. So something about the rickety bridge made people more likely to call. Psychologists explained that walking across the bridge created a sense of arousal that participants would mistakenly believe was caused by the experimenter (the attractive woman), rather than the physical environment (“Why is my heart racing? I must love you!”). So, if you want your date to find you attractive then watching a horror movie, giving a strong cup of coffee or getting on a roller-coaster is an ideal choice. Your Mr. Right or Ms Right sweat, the knees wobble, the heart races and the bowels loosen. His/her arousal due to the movie/coffee/ roller-coaster might be attributed to you!

我在某天的路上看到了这座Love Bridge,有很多的锁,上面几乎都写着爱得宣言,还有中文的,想到了在爬黄山时也有那一座爱之桥,还想起一对恋人为给锁找个好位置而双双坠入悬崖的新闻,然后又想起心理学中很著名的危桥实验(是自己的presentation中的一段),再然后就看到了那周末的报纸上有人在钦慕。很有意思,遂记录下来。

Love Bridge

Love Bridge



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