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  1. TW’s National Day is on October 10th, also known as Double Ten Day (看到很多帖子改造成‘萌’,我快闷了)
  2. TW is the first democratic country in Asia (这还真不知道呢)
  3. Tw is 102 years old (1911- 2012) (从辛亥算起,这个和我以为的不同)
  4. Nicknamed ‘Iiia Formosa'(估计用的是TW的拼音) by the Portuguese, meaning beautiful island
  5. TW born-American director, Ang Lee, directed Brokeback Mountain
  6. About 1/3 of Tw funeral procession includes a stripper(如此比婚礼更有兴趣了,哈)
  7. Jeremy Lin, a basketball player in the NBA, is TW(在这方面,我们已经统一了,进NBA很NB)
  8. TW has the lowest poverty rate in the world at 0.95% (这个,真心羡慕)
  9. Bubble tea originated from TW in the 1980s
  10. There are 13 aboriginal tribes in TW


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