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Right Age

I remeber my mother being devastated because at a late age she fell pregnant again. There were five of us, and mother had looked forward to a rest. However, the pregancy went well and mother became happy with a healthy baby boy to love.
Our father died when this baby was still a toddler. Mother found herself rearing her small child without a husband to share him with.
My mother died in her 90s last year. She just missed out on celebrating her surprise baby’s 50th birthday.
My mother always said, “The little fella was the only thing that kept me going after your father died.”
In times past, lots of women had late babies.
Today, there are a lot of babies who have lousy parents in the supposedly “right age bracket”.
I feel debate about something so personal as the woman seeking to have an IVF baby at 51 could damage a woman’s self-confidence and ability to be a good mother, causing her to feel watched and judged, something no one likes.
Let’s not judge; let’s just get on with making sure we are doing the right thing in our own lives. Life should be fun and happiness, so let’s allow her to get on with hers.



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