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Today is a story, just like yesterday was and tomorrow will be.
Sometime today, somewhere around the world, the country and the corner, things will happen that you’ll want to know about.
Stories will happen today.
Big stories.Littler stories. Important ones and inspiring ones.
Stories of hope, bravery, tragedy and stupidity.
Stories about people: public figures and local heroes. Some you’ll know, some you won’t. Some you’ll never forget.
Stories that will make you laugh ad stories that will make you ask questions.
Stories about the train you hop on, the footy team you barrack for and the mortgage you’re paying off…slowly.
Stories that make good reading-at the brekky table and at the office. Over a coffee or over someone’s shoulder.
Because stories start people talking, and get people thinking.
Stories start things happening. Stories start change. Stories start here.



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