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How to catch a dream

  1. Before retiring, plan to remember your dreams. Keep a pen and paper or a tape recorder beside your bed.
  2. If possible, arrange to awaken gradually without an alarm. Natural awakening almost always follows soon after a REM period.
  3. If you rarely remember your dreams, you may want to set an alarm clock to go off an hour before you usually awaken. Although less desirable than awakening naturally, this may let you catch a dream.
  4. Upon awakening, lie still and review he dream images with your eyes closed. Try to recall as many details as possible.
  5. If you can, make your first dream record with your eyes closed.
  6. Review the dream again and record as many additional details as you can remember. Be sure to describe feelings as well as the plot, characters, and actions of the dream.
  7. Put your dreams into a permanent dream diary.  Keep dreams in chronological order and review them periodically. This procedure will reveal recurrent themes, conflicts, and emotions.
  8. Remember, a number of drugs suppress dreaming.

Probing dreams

  1. Who was in the dream? Do you recognize any of the characters?
  2. What was happening? Were you active in the dream or watching it transpire? Did someone else do something for you?
  3. Where did the action of the dream take place? Have you seen the setting or any part of it in real life, or was it a fantasy scene?
  4. What was the time frame? What was your age in the dream?
  5. Whos is responsible for what happened in the dream?
  6. Who are you in your dreams? Are you someone you would like to be or someone you’d rather not be?




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