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101 Things To Do On The Holidays

Think up a new drink
Our tasted really bad. It had lemons, apple, strawberries and ice mixed in a blender. Sounds yummy, but we probably should have peeled the apple- it would’ve tasted better.
Stay up until 2am
Make sure you have a support crew to help you with this one. It can be hard to stay up so late and, really, it’s pretty boring by yourself. But with the proper equipment(DVDs, video games, board games, drinks, lollies) it can be fun. Warning: you will be tired and grumpy the next day.
Learn the alphabet backwards
You never know when this will come in handy. Break it into parts to make it easier, so learn Z-S, R-M, L-G, F-A, then join them together.
Come up with a new board game
It could even be about your own life. Not only is it fun and challenging to make up a new game, when you are finished you get t play it.
Learn a magic trick
This one can be addictive. We both ended up learning heaps of card tricks from the internet and from friends. Once you know a few, you can put on a show.
Dress up and go to a friend’s house to test their reaction
Getting there can be embarrassing, but the look on your friend’s face is worth it. For added surprise pretend like nothing is out of the ordinary. Be wild with your outfit for maximum impact.
Set up a bowling alley
If you don’t have a bowling set – make one. Set up your bowling alley in the hallway or down the side of the house. Use toys that won’t break instead of pins and any soft ball you can find



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