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Statements for values clarification exercise

Statements for values clarification exercise

Unemployment benefits should be terminated after three months.
It depends on situation, if the person is disabled for example, should be given privilege.

People from other ethnic groups should be treated with suspicions.
No, it is prejudice.

Termination of pregnancy is a woman’s right.
Of course, as woman bear the pain.

Men are always to blame for domestic violence.
Maybe, as men are stronger/higher than women from physical to social status.

Women and men are equal.

Guns don’t kill, the people who fire them do.
Yes, however, it is dangerous as even unskilled people can use the kind of weapon to fire.

Gun laws are for the benefit of the community as whole.
Yes, the reason is mentioned early.

With modern contraceptive methods sexual fidelity is no longer necessary.
No, to me loyalty is critical.

Censorship is socially desirable.
It is serviced for the benefits of governments, not for the people.

Homosexuality is a normal condition.
Yes, difference in value.

Delinquency is due to parents being too permissive with their children.
It is only part of reason, environment, peer pressure, violence game, etc…

Counsellors wouldn’t be needed if people would turn to God.
No, as God is not always accessible.

Usually one partner is mostly to blame when a marriage breaks up.
Not sure.

Marijuana should be legalised.
No, it is harmful to health and society.

Welfare benefits are too high.
In China, it is too low.

Couples should stay together for the sake of their children.
No, everyone has right to enjoy his/her life.

Children in two-parent families are happier than children in single-parent families.
There is no absolute answer.

If a person has an affair their spouse should leave them.
There is no absolute answer.

Contraception is wrong.
No, it lets women much more appreciate with ooxx.

People who have had psychiatric treatment are not suitable for leadership positions.
Yes, before cured, they should leave such an important position.

Lying is sometimes justifiable.
No, tell the truth please.

Charities deserve regular donations.
Any method/frequency is welcomed.

Good people should not associate with immoral people.
No, as counsellor always deal with them.

Anyone can get a job if they try hard enough.

Life is to be enjoyed.
Yes, not suffered or endured.

Striving for wealth is wrong.
No, but don’t forget to enjoy other things

Handouts do not help people.
No, however it is important teaching skills…

People can be too honest.

Sex is overrated.
Yes, discussed previously, there are many interesting things in the life, wealth, sex are very tiny tiny.

Smoking in public places should be banned.

Love and forgiveness are more important than punishment.
No, to some people it is effective, to others jail is best way to discipline.

Alcohol more frequently gives pleasure than it creates problems.
Not sure, as I don’t drink.

Alternative medicine is more useful than conventional medicine.
I think they are equal.

It’s wrong for me to try to change other people so that they have the same values I do.
Yes, agree with the opinion.

It’s OK for a father to bath his young daughter.
No, however I notice many people don’t care about this, they told me I was too fuss.

Chemicals are harmful.
Yes, in the long run it will cause trouble. But some people will starve to death now.

It’s a good idea to build large concrete dams.
Just mentioned before, we should balance the today and the future.

Masturbating is enjoyable and acceptable.
Yes, as long as is not influence of the daily life.

People should not be allowed to trek through national parks.
Why not?

Sex offenders are nasty people.

Too much closeness in a family is a bad thing.
Yes, everybody needs privacy to some extent.

Adult needs should take precedence over children’s needs.
No, we are equal not matter gender, race, religion….

Killing people is wrong.
No, death penalty is necessary to some crims.

The use of four-letter words is offensive.

The developed countries should feed the developing countries.
Yes, just the rich give away the money to the poor.

I believe in heaven.
I don’t think so.

Oral sex is enjoyable and acceptable.
It’s OK if partner agree and enjoy.

Divorce is wrong.
No, deceive is wrong I think.

De facto relationships are moral and acceptable.
If it is not hurt others…

Children who receive sex education are more likely to be promiscuous than those who don’t.
I have no idea

The Koran tells us what is right and what is wrong.
I haven’t read it yet.

Single parents shouldn’t have sexual relationships with special friends.
Why not? Very confused…

Single parents shouldn’t have sexual relationships with special friends should be open about what they are doing and should tell their children.
I think it belongs to privacy especially to the young kids.

Hospital births are better for babies than home births.
It is based on the expected mother.

Things are either right or wrong, there are no in-between.
There are too many things in-between.

Smacking children is unnecessary.
It is necessary, but parents should tell children the reason and their disappointed feeling.

Only married people should have sexual intercourse.
If it is not hurt others…for example, the partner no relationship with other else.

It’s OK for a 15-year-old to have sexual intercourse.
Maybe it is encouraged in modern city, to me I am not OK at all.

You can tell what a person is really like from their appearance.
Appearance is but skin deep.

It is good to strive for material possessions.
There is no wrong to pursue the wealth. Wealth itself is a neutral object.

Money doesn’t bring happiness.
Yes, but money can talk a lot.

Children should be breastfed until they want to stop.
Mother determines it.

Families should have clear rules.

Children should be allowed to make their own decisions.
Yes, under the ability of however younger children should be follow

Children are better off in child care than with their mothers.

We need fewer laws and more freedom.

Most people are intrinsically good.
No, half angel half devil.



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