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the “wonderful” world

I definately ensure I can express any thoughts using diagrams after grauating uni. The western culture seems like to add graphs or charts to illustrate "A picture is worth a thousand words". When starting with a project, first decomposing to several parts. then each parts has employed its own methodlogy. Generally, it will be again cut down to more smaller sequnces which has a specific tool to achieve.  Even the agenda of planning, lanuching staff, still have models to guide you step by step. It’s  easier for green, but  may spend too much time on learning new softwares. In the end, forget the whole project.
Last lecture, McKee presented a report, only my country the demand and price ratio is postive. She asked us why any other country will automatically decrease the consumption when the price of the good increase , in China, however, it tells a different story? No one replied this question. I think I can but I said nothing. At the same class, McKee gave an example to prove "inelastic". She said no matter the milk was "buy one, get one", you would buy you really need. do you think it is true in our amazing country? why?// this is my question
Maybe someone considers we are hungry for food, goods as we have too much experience with poverty. However why all people from every corner of the world want to buy Apple? people know the equimpernts are made in "Fushikang", the real value are very tiny. people know not all applications they really need, but  still download them as much as they can. people know it is impossible to read/listen/play all attractions , but still update the hard disks larger and larger. Why?


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