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popular baby girl name

The first name on the list of baby girl’s names is Emma. It is a German name in origin. Emma means all containing; universal. It is suggested this name might be a derivation of Erma, which means “strong”, but more literally translated as “universal” or “whole”. It is also considered by some to be a diminutive of Emmanuelle. In history, this name has appeared in several literary works, including Jane Austen’s Emma, and French novelist Flaubert’s Madame Bovary. Madam Emma Bovary was the famous protagonist in Flaubert’s work, and Emma Woodhouse was the main character in Emma.
The second most popular baby girl name is Isabella. It means “My god is a vow”, and is Hebraic in origin. There have been many influential Isabella’s throughout history. There is Isabella of Castile, Isabella of France, and Princess Isabella of Denmark, to name a few. In the literary world, Isabella was the names of several characters in Shakespeare’s works, and also in Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey, and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.
The third most popular name on the baby girl list is Emily. It is Latin in origin, and means “Rival; emulating”. It is from the Latin derivative of Aemilius, an historic Roman family. It could also come from the Greek Aimulos, meaning “friendly, or tender”. Notable historical Emily’s include Emily Dickenson, Emily Bronte, and Emily Davison, a British women’s suffrage supporter. She is mainly known for throwing herself in front of the king’s horse during the 1913 Derby.
The fourth baby girl name on the most popular list is Madison. Its meaning is “the son of Maud, or Matthew’s son”. It is English in origin, and it is a transferred use of the surname meaning “Maud’s son”. The nickname for Matthew in the Middle Ages was Mad. Since the meaning of Madison is masculine, it is not technically a unisex name. Madison was first introduced as a girl’s name in Splash, starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. Since then, its popularity among baby girls has grown significantly.
The fifth most popular name for baby girls is Ava. It is Afghani in origin, meaning “voice”. It is suspected it is a respelling of Eva. Historically, St. Ava was a nun in the 9th century. Ava Gardner was an American actress from the 1940s.


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