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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Reach out to life with both hands, dear Cancer. It’s birthday month, and a really positive new moon in Cancer will appear to help you make your wishes come true. The new moon will occur on July 2 and will help you materialize your greatest dreams. June was a month of fits and starts, but July will be strong and powerful for you. If you feel seized by a determination to launch anew idea, venture, job, or relationship – you name it – you will have the weight of the universe on your side.

If you were born on or within five days of July 2, double all that I just said – this month will be fantastically special for you! For you, this coming year will be filled with fresh starts, and those new beginnings will be exciting ones to boot. If you were not born near this date, you may have planets near 12 degrees Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, and also do very well. Wait and see – you won’t have to wait long. //too great

All the aspects this new moon will make are positive, and that translates into luck for every Cancer, no matter what day you were born. Venus in Cancer will conjoin this new moon, indicating your charm and warmth will have a lot to do with your success this month, on all fronts, personally and at work. If you feel you could use a few new things to wear, or would like to try out a new look from the stylist or barber, do so early in the month, time between July 1 and 11.

It will partner with Jupiter, and this suggests you may be able to make money from a job assignment this month. It seems your good fortune is increased when working in tandem with a middleman, business partner, agent, spouse, lawyer, broker, or other collaborator. //haha

You seem to be traveling a great deal this month too, but the trips may be arduous in some way. Even if you do not cover too many miles, you seem to feel pressure nevertheless. I am not sure if you are traveling for work, to complete family business, or to help a friend or relative, but you seem to have a definite goal in mind that will require a bit of planning before you go. //i want to trip for fun

Mars will orbit near Saturn in your house of short distance travel, but this is an unusual pairing, with each planet exerting very opposite energies. Mars is always full of energy, fire, and light, while Saturn is slow, cold, and cautious. Mars is about passion and impulse, Saturn about responsibility and hard work. Saturn, being the slower moving planet, will overshadow Mars, so the effect will be a bit heavy.

Thankfully, Mercury rules your third house of quick travel, and for the most part, Mercury will be well angled to other planets. I will list the most important days, when Mercury will be most active. All are really positive except one, the first, falling on July 4-5. Mercury can help by adding a lighter shading to the overtones of Saturn, and more importantly, helping you succeed in what you set out to do this month.

The one difficult day would be July 4-5, when Mercury and Uranus will be at odds. This suggests that you’ll have to be prepared for problems with transportation delays, or if driving, with possible engine or tire problems. If you do drive, make sure your car is working smoothly before you leave town. This aspect will peak very early on July 5. //seemed correctly, i met with one problem on that day, of course, at last, i covered.

Really upbeat, sensational days are due, namely July 14, when you can practically do no wrong. Your communication skills will be at an all time high, as will your ability to think on your feet. This comes thanks to a rare interaction between the Sun and Uranus, the planet of innovative ideas. Mercury will reach out to Saturn too on this day, so the bond you create with someone you see should be a strong one. If you do travel on July 14, you may travel much father away than you would earlier in July. //now, i have little time and chance to travel,

On July 15, the very next day, Mercury and Mars will interact, simply reinforcing all your efforts of the previous day. You can put ideas into action today, so go for it.

On July 22, amazing things can happen, thanks to a beautiful alignment between Mercury and Uranus. Allow for all kinds of lucky breaks today. Your quick mind and ability to come up with original ideas will allow you to shine brilliantly. If you need to put pen to paper, this is your day. Your mind will simply crackle with originality. You may travel unexpectedly today, and if so, you’ll be flying to a distant city.

As you see, this month, although Saturn will hold your feet to the fire by making you do strenuous travel or to focus on a difficult business, creative writing, selling, or speaking / study venture, you seem to rise to the occasion, and doubly so on July 14, 15, and 22. The good news you generate on those days will keep your spirits and enthusiasm up, despite any odd obstacles that might pop up.

You may need to sign papers this month too, but before you do, you’ll need to change the wording on a few clauses. On July 15, work on finding the right terminology and then offer several ideas to the other party. Keep communicating, even if you meet resistance, because accord is closer than you think. Your best day to sign those papers would be either July 15, or better yet, July 25 or 26. //sign papers?

A close relationship will be your whole focus on the full moon July 18. Within four days of this date, you’ll see what a sparkling gem your partner has become to you. If you hope to become engaged for your birthday, or sign a partner in business at this time, you’ll not hesitate, nor should you. The planetary vibes at this full moon will be marvelous, so go ahead – exchange promises within four days of this full moon.

If you are already attached to someone, you’ll see how lucky you are to have this caring, giving person in your life. You may now move much closer to your partner at this time and be thinking very much about the future. Alternatively you may find that your partner – a steady sweetheart, spouse, or business partner / expert / collaborator – will go out of his or her way to help you, emotionally, financially, or spiritually. This outstanding gesture, done from the goodness of the heart or because your partner believes so deeply in you, will make an indelible impression on you and touch you deeply. // tell me ,who are who,ha

If you were born on July 18 or within four days of this date, you’ll find so much of what you’ve done over the past few years will come to fruition, especially in terms of relationships, but in other areas, too. This full moon will be your big moment, and after this birthday month, you will take out a new leaf from your notebook and begin writing a whole new script in the years to come. It’s all very exciting, and very positive, too!

Single? The full moon won’t likely affect you too much, not unless you’ve been dating someone and feel ready to make a big decision about that person. In your case, the full moon might affect you more in a business way.

Still, you will have your time for romance. The lovely communication between Venus and Uranus could create the right romantic sparks on July 6, perhaps while on a trip. Look your best! You may become so surprised and flustered when you meet him / her this month that you may accidentally write down your wrong phone number or email address when asked – don’t!

Later in the month, you may meet another intriguing person, whether a new co-worker or person who calls on your company to provide consulting or other services, most likely financial ones. //excited

Best romantic evenings, whether you are single or attached will be: July 2-3, 11-12, 17-19, 22, 26, and 30.

Be sure to come back to read your forecast next month, as a major, total eclipse of the Sun will appear on August 1. Two weeks later, a full moon lunar eclipse, August 16, is due. Eclipses are some of the most dramatic, important events that the universe sends us in any given year. Both of these eclipses will light your financial houses, so your thoughts will center on money and you soon will see impending changes. // i am certain to come, for the August, i will take a big test, whill, as to money, i don’t care very much.

Don’t fear this – your income could rise quite a bit as a result. One or both of these eclipses may end an old, outdated, or unprofitable source of income and helping you generate a whole new source of money. You may have started the process last month, but even if you didn’t, August will bring you lots of twists and turns, and in the end you will be all the better for it. Be sure to read next month’s forecast, which I will try to post early to help you get ready for all that’s to come.


A sparkling birthday month awaits you, and it’s the kind of month that could put back your faith in miracles and fairy tales. The excitement starts the moment the month begins, on the new moon in Cancer, July 2. That new moon will open doors for you, so be sure to voice your dearest desires to friends and colleagues, as others will certainly be listening and willing to do all they can to help you. Birthday month is always great for seeing one’s aims come true, as the Sun is back in the place it occupied at birth. Venus will glide in Cancer too, giving you an extra fill up of social fun.

Venus will be in Cancer until July 12 so you might want to make it a point to go shopping during the first twelve days of July. You’ll find madly flattering wardrobe pieces that will bring you more compliments than you’ve seen in ages.

Your partner will bring exciting news for you, too. Watch the full moon July 18 for news (plus or minus four days). You may exchange vows, promises, plans, or goals dear to your heart at this time.

You may also discover that you’ll be traveling alone or with your partner near July 14 or 22, quite unexpectedly. If you have children and can’t quite leave town, you’ll have other opportunities to travel closer to home over the weekend of July 26. (And guess what? It’s still great fun!)

Romantically, if attached, you’ll have an enviable advantage. The tender full moon July 18 will be wildly romantic and rival your favorite moments of the silver screen. This full moon is for you! If you’re attached, you may get engaged for your birthday over that weekend, or, if you are already part of an established relationship, your other half will be so darling, you’ll fall in love all over again.

Single Cancers will do well too, for Venus will glide in your sign from July 1 to 11. If you hope to meet someone new, consider taking a short trip to a nearby seaside resort, for settings by the sea will relax and rejuvenate you. Besides, those settings will also engender feelings of love. The weekend of July 4-6 should be extra special.

You may also meet someone while doing an assignment at the office, whether a co-worker, supplier, client, or person you call on. Look your best!

Time to launch goals with a big push: July 2, plus two weeks

A relationship reaches an exciting culmination: Full moon, July 18

Change a contract: July 18, sign on July 25 or 26

Travel to nearby towns: all month

i got the website by chance. thanks to it, i am able to recognize some astrology words. to me this is  far more amazing and important, comparede with "the mirror tells me what the future will be":)



  1. 我也去看了我的星座,比起其他来,以星盘来解读比其他有意思的多.


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