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Brown Panther

You are Brown Panther, who is gentle, kind, warm and friendly. //废话
You don’t get influenced by people around you, and can keep your own pace of doing. //对,我不会因为怕孤立而妥协。
You have high self-esteem, and are person of strong will.//没错。
Although you really are a kind person, people regard you rather obstinate; this is because you are not very good at expressing yourself. //不会说很会写:)
If you can make the others know this weakness, you will certainly be more trusted.//是吗?
You dislike being restrained, and wish to stay and act freely. //确实
You are an independent person, and do not mind being alone. //同上
You will be successful by going into a professionalcareer.//用的是将来时态
You have extremely high ideals, and rich sensitivity. //点头
You can not stand compromise, and therefore, may struggle between reality and ideals. //这是我一辈子要学习的功课。
You are a person who can grow to become a greater person by overcoming many failures and difficulties, so don’t grave over your little mistakes. //我现在还处在 in many failures
It is sometimes important to have a big heart and take a "so-what "attitude. //有道理
You are a hard person, and can be too critical. //是的,有时候对自己很苛责
People have their faults, so don’t dwell upon little things too much.//同上
When you start a family, you will take an equal stance to your husband.
And you wish to keep your job even after your marriage.//当然
1. Panthers are uncompromising with honor and pride
2. Panthers like to be the center
3. Panthers want to talk about themselves
4. Panthers like new things
5. Panthers are smart dressers
6. Panthers like to change jobs
7. Panthers wear their feelings on their sleeve
8. Panthers are easily hurt
9. Panthers have a strong sense of justice
10. Panthers don’t want to retire



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